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The Pannese Society of Providence
 Societa Maria Santissima dl Bosco di Panni



Our History

Giuseppe Anzevino was born in Panni,Italy in 1842. Before the turn of the century Panni was a poor village where farmers brought their produce and the poverty was harsh. It offerered a hard life and very little opportunity to prosper. Mr. Anzevino came to America in 1885 and settled in the Federal Hill section of Providence, R.I.. He was the first immigrant from Panni to walk the streets of Providence, a stranger in a land whose customs seemed bizarre.   He worked hard at odd jobs and later opened a bicycle shop on Spruce Street. Mr. Anzevino, was now a proprietor and a man respected by his piers.  Word grew strong in Panni, that Federal Hill, and the far off City of Providence was a place of opportunity. Soon others from Panni were on their way to Providence. By 1900 the natives of Panni already had a small colony on Federal Hill. 

Mr. Anzervino, did not forget his native soil, nor did the others who followed. Many spoke with nostalgia of Panni, where the sunshine , in retrospect, appeared a little softer, and the poverty was harsh. They wanted to meet together, discuss their common problems, and relive the days of their youth in the old country.  That is how the Pannese Society came to be formed in 1909.

Names on the original 1909 Society charter were as follows: Costantino  Monticalvo, Guisseppe Calabrese, Salvatore Manuppelli, Costanzo Colimmino, Guisseppe Lavino, and Antonio Procaccini.

Some of the original Society members are said to have been:  Giovanni Anzevino, Donato Callabress, Alfonso Calitri, Donato Collaninno, Petro Croce, Domenico Mansolillo, Antonio Pascone, Antonio Procaccini, Costanzo Saurino, and Michael Sullo.


Madonna Maria SS Incoronata del Bosco di Panni

Mr. Anzervino went on a pilgrimage to Panni to bring back some visible relic of the past.  He returned with a statue of the Madonna Maria SS Incoronata Del Bosco di Panni. It had been in the Church of the Assumption of the Italian town.  With great ceremony it was installed at the Holy Ghost Church on Atwells Avenue.  For many years thereafter the statue was annually brought into the streets of Federal Hill for a procession. Mr. Anzervino died in 1936 at the age of 94. He was one of the first Italian pioneers whose children and grandchildren later were to play so large a roll in the life of Rhode Island. 


Madonna del Bosco
Patron Festivities
August 27th,1930

The Young Pannese Social Club - In 1912 six members of the Pannese Society formed the Young Pannese Social Club for sport, social and recreation activities. In 1932 two of the Social Club members owned a bar on De Pasquale Avenue and named it the Pannese Bar.  This was associated with Venus Hall on Penn Street which eventually became the focal point for the club functions. In the process of it’s growth the Young Pannese Social Club established its first club quarters at 248 Pocasset Avenue in the Silver Lake section of Providence. While there they continued meeting at the Venus Hall on Federal Hill for larger events. The social club had about 100 members during that time and the membership spanned three generations. Later the club purchased an old liquor store at 187 Pocasset Avenue. Members volunteered their many skills and countless hours of labor to transform the old building into the first class club facility which they enjoy today. In 2012, the Young Pannese Social Club celebrated its 100 year anniversary. The Pannese Social Club has remained dedicated to continued brotherhood and community support. It's Women's Auxiliary is always busy raising funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Meeting Street School, the Jimmy Fund and many other community organizations. They also conduct a Thanksgiving clothing and fruit basket drive for needy community families

By 2012 the original Pannese Society had been dormant for many years. Then in August 2012 it's charter was turned over to the leadership of Joseph Spremulli. Joseph moved forward with new officers and a plan of revitalization. Their goal would be dedicated to carrying the social and heritage intentions of the original Pannese Society to future generations. The new officers were, Joseph Spremulli, Louis J. Spremulli, Joseph S. Spremulli, Louis Spremulli, Joseph Gesualdi, Charles Mansollilo, Ralph Rainone, John Spremulli and Donald Deluca.


Don De Luca 2013
Edited from previous organizational documents







2013 -- S 0589

     Introduced By:
Senators Ciccone, Lombardi, and Raptakis
     Date Introduced:
March 06, 2013
     Referred To:
Recommended for Immediate Consideration

     WHEREAS, Rhode Island has a population of almost 200,000 Americans of Italian descent, living and making substantial contributions to all aspects of the state's milieu; and

     WHEREAS, Immigrating to our shores in search of the great American dream, Giuseppe Anzevino came from Panni, Foggia, Italy, in 1885, and settled in the Federal Hill section of Providence; and

     WHEREAS, With the desire to build a better life for himself and his family, Mr. Anzevino was one of the first Italian pioneers in Rhode Island. He was a man of great moral, social, and religious beliefs and soon became a leader in the community; and

     WHEREAS, Word of Mr. Anzevino’s success and the opportunities to be found in America seeped back to the small town in Italy and by 1900, residents of Panni were following in Mr. Anzevino’s footsteps and making the journey to the burgeoning neighborhood of Federal Hill; and  

     WHEREAS, With a desire to preserve the spirit of their roots and heritage, The Pannese Society was founded in 1909, as a social organization in the Providence area for Italian immigrants from the small hill town of Panni; and

     WHEREAS, Today, the organization’s noble mission is to “promote the cultural, social, spiritual, and educational heritage from Panni, Italy,” to “record and preserve” their heritage and culture to our present society, and to “strive to keep” their heritage through their patron saint, community, and cultural activities for futuregenerations;and 

     WHEREAS, Rhode Islanders of Italian descent have continuously enriched the palate and cultural diversity of our state’s tapestry and we are proud to support and encourage efforts to continue and strengthen these traditions; now, therefore be it

     RESOLVED, That this Senate of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations hereby recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments and worthy heritage of Italian Americans and supports efforts to revitalize the Pannese Society; and be it further

     RESOLVED, That the Secretary of State be and hereby is authorized and directed to transmit a duly certified copy of this resolution to Joseph Spremulli, President, The Pannese Society of Providencee.